Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am really slackin...A

Beautiful Homes in Dundee...
Our family took a walk on a beautiful Sunday aftetrnoon through the streets of an area here in Omaha called Dundee, I immediately fell in love with this house below. The pictures really don't give you the full was so pretty and cosy I could just imagine what the inside looked enjoy a little tour of the neighborhood...

I love the look of white houses.

All the yards were so beautifully kept, and the fall foliage was amazing as well. Just take a look at that red bush against the white house and greenery surrounding...

I also loved this one's a classic
The large window on this home was amazing in person, the picture doesn't do it justice...
It is a stained glass window like I've never seen before.

Love this one too, isn't that tree look beautiful?

I thought that the yellow door was quite charming...

Hope you enjoyed a littl tour of one of my favorite neighborhoods here in Omaha...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Part 2: The 3rd Floor, minus Kaisley's room....

This is the Guest bedroom: Before
This room was the last room we painted! I am so happy it is finally finished, and that dark color is gone!

The Guest Room: After
This room is also in stage 2 I still have a lot of plans for the wall and possibly even a wallpaper project...there are so many amazing different wallpaper, who new? But wallpaper is making a come back, and I'm not talking about that ugly country stuff or flowery crap, there are some amazing prints and patterens! Just want to put it out there if any of you want to come to Omaha, we will set you up nicely here :)
Here is the other side of the room, if you can't tell this room is quite small; the queen sized bed takes up most of the space.
The hallway closet: Before

The Hallway closet: After
I got rid of the ugly closet doors and opened things up a bit, people think I'm nuts having all these open doors, but I am a neat freak and plus I like displaying the things I use, it is a part of my house. I painted the inside of the closet and added all my everyday items like, towels, soap, extra sheets, toilet paper, and other household things.
Here is another shot, a little farther back. Here is my other window project :)

The Upstairs Bath: Before
This needs some serious work, the vanity has got to go and the weird shelve above the toilet was left by the previous owners, not really my style...lets just say everything needs to go in here! I wish I had a picture of the ugly light was really getto.

The Upstairs Bath: After
This is definately stage 2. There is still so much I need to do, the flooring really needs to be replaced and vanity needs to go! But for now this will do...

Master Bedroom: Before
I hated this color, it was so dark it made the room feel so closed in, even with those 2 big windows!

The Master Bedroom: After
I am starting to get this room the way that I like it, I really need to get the windows done. As you can see I don't even have blinds on one of the windows...(good thing we don't have neighbors on that side.) I have a few other ideas that I want to do to finish it off!

I love this little sitting area, so nice to read a book here or to just put on my shoes.

Well that almost wraps up the upstairs, I haven't taken pictures of Kaisley's room yet. Every time I think to do it she is sleeping...and so I will do her room soon. So what do you guys think? We are ready for some visitors!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My first offical post!

Well I decided to start a home/project blog for all of you who may be interested. I find so much joy in being creative and finding ways to make our "little abode" here in Omaha as nice as can be...on a non-existent budget...having a husband in Dental school and me being a stay at-home-mom doesn't allow for a lot of extra cash. But I have found many ways to make things not so great into oh so Fabulous! So I'll try and keep you updated on my many many projects that I have already finish and ones I have plans for in the future! I hope you enjoy and please tell me what you think!

Well this first post is a part one of three. In this post I wanted to show what we did with the main floor. We recently moved to Omaha and were fortunate enough to get a little 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath, 35-40 year old townhouse! At first sight I knew this place had potential behind all the flaws...the previous owners had 5 boys in here so lets just say it was pretty hammered! Fortunately, not anything too major needed to be done, just a lot of flooring...and a little tender lovin'. So here are some fun before- and-after pictures....Enjoy!

Kitchen Before:
take a look at that nasty floor...those sticky fake tiles had to go!

Kitchen After:
We re-painted the entire room including the ceiling, removed upper cabinet doors, painted inside and outside of cabinets, installed new hardware, put in new dark pine laminate wood flooring, and added new light fixtures.

Here is the other side of the kitchen... (notice the chalk board. This was easy. I just used a little chalk board paint. I think this was a nice touch.) Still waiting on my hubby to put in the baseboards :)
Living Room Before:
Don't you love those cherry wood stain wood floors? Not really, those had to go before we even moved in! We had all the wood flooring in the entire house refinished to a warm chocolate mocha colored was one of the only things I loved the day we moved in!
Living room: After
Again we repainted entire room from top to bottom, refinished wood floors, add a warm cozy rug, and a nice comfy couch to lounge on...this room is definitely still in stage 2. I still have a lot of projects that I want to do including making some fun pillows for the couch, lamps on the end tables, and some accent chairs would be nice(just waiting for a steal on some antique chairs that need some tender lovin'.) But I am most proud of the large window mirror on the wall. I just recently finished this project a few weeks ago, I found that old window at a salvage yard for a whopping $10! I then found a glass cutter to cut mirror tiles that I already had to the right size. He charged me $30 so the project cost me $40 total! Which is a steal, especially since I had my eyes on the Pottery Barn window paned mirror selling for $699! I saved a ton! Oh and I just took these pictures so that is why you see all the Halloween decor in the all know my love for Halloween!

This picture is pretty I really need some pillows and lamps...but don't you love my end tables I'll show you the before and after later!
This is opposite side of living room, across from the couch

1/2 Bath Before:

1/2 Bath: After
All we really have done in here is painted, added a new light fixture, and put in a new this is also in stage 2 of the remodeling phase. Eventually we would like to replace the flooring and get a pedestal sink.